Barcelona Yoga Tour

Barcelona Yoga Tour is a unique way to get to know yourself and the city better, by taking classes in and around the city. Following your needs, interests, and schedule, we can plan a route of private or semi-private yoga classes to be given in the location which is most convenient for you, taking advantage of the city and surrounding areas most beautiful parks, houses, and gardens as locations for our sessions. Unlike many classes in parks and studios in Barcelona, the class size is capped at 6 students, so you will receive individualized instruction.

I offer the option to combine the lessons with personalized bike routes and concierge services which can connect you with the best-kept secret Organic and Slow-food restaurants and shops, ethical fashion, natural cosmetics and English-speaking alternative health professionals.  If you would like to make the most of your time in Barcelona, contact us and see what we can do for you!  Alternately, if you are curious or interested in putting together a retreat or tour for your students, please get in touch! After many years living in Barcelona and working in different areas of the Tourism industry,  I am ready to help you enjoy the spiritual side of Barcelona.   Please write me at for more info!

Barcelona Yoga Tour takes its name from the idea that every yoga practice is a journey, a tour of the self and one´s experience of subjectivity.  In a world in which tourism is often equated with insensitivity to the city and its surroundings, Barcelona Yoga tour seeks to promote a side of Barcelona that is often overlooked: its varied and rich spaces within the urban environment that allow a traveler to connect with themselves and relax in a peaceful and harmonious way.  Whilst there are myriad options that focus on Barcelona as a city that is famous for its great nightlife and gorgeous sights,  increasingly, it’s also known for its top level yoga and movement culture.