About me

LCALQUIMIA_068I am a yoga teacher, artist, and translator based in Barcelona. I started practicing yoga as an adolescent, and I have not stopped practicing since then. Investigation of somatic and spiritual consciousness through movement has allowed me to come into a place of peace with myself I never would have thought possible in my first class. Over the years, yoga has accompanied me through ups and downs from being a very clumsy, distressed teenager, to being an adult able to ride a bicycle, go down the stairs with two feet, turn cartwheels and laugh at myself and life.

I feel fortunate to be able to share my experiences with yoga by giving classes that incorporate elements of various styles, especially Hatha Vinyasa and Ashtanga, while increasingly entering into dialogue with other disciplines both in my own practice and in my teaching praxis. For me, yoga is a way to understand and connect with ourselves, our destiny, and with other beings. Practiced from a place of authenticity and consciousness, it allows us to appreciate our place in the cosmos, and to perceive how we must act. In working with our breath and embodiment, we prepare the substrate over which the soul can flourish.

In my classes I want to create a laboratory where you can root, flow, strengthen, connect, express and deepen your perception of yourself and your spirit! Classes for groups and individuals available. Conscious somatic exploration will help you feel better!

Clases particulares de Yoga en Barcelona, Raval y Sants
Yoga in Barcelona